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Trustworthy innovation

Enabling trustworthy innovation by assuring AI systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers huge potential to transform our society and economy. It has been harnessed to combat the pandemic; from supporting the discovery of new therapies and rapid virus detection methods, to powering dashboards that help clinicians make treatment …

Helping recruiters to innovate responsibly with data-driven tools

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The use of data-driven tools is rising across the recruitment sector. The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the need for effective and efficient digital tools in hiring as recruiters search for the highest calibre candidates in an increasingly virtual world. Companies …

Enabling trustworthy innovation to thrive in the UK

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I’m delighted that DCMS have today announced the members of our refreshed advisory board and updated on the Centre’s remit going forward.  Since the CDEI was established in 2018, we have published internationally recognised research, including into two of the …